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10 April 2015   

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Dear God-tracker 

The moment Joe opened the back door and walked into the kitchen, Mary knew he’d been tinkering on his old MG. Joe loved cars. He’d bought the MG a few months back and was in the process of restoring the car. Being a classic, the MG had no mod-cons like a computerised fuel injector but employed a good-old-fashioned carburettor as its fuel supply system. When he’d opened the carb to clean it Joe was covered in fuel. As he entered the kitchen all that Mary could smell was the stench of petrol.

In Exodus we read of how the Lord instructed Moses to mix various fragrant ingredients together to form the anointing oil. This oil included ingredients like myrrh, cinnamon and sweet-smelling cane and was used to anoint all the artefacts of the temple. Anyone who worked in the temple would come out smelling like myrrh and cinnamon. It was the fragrance of worship. 

In both cases above we read how people were affected by the fragrance of the commodities with which they worked. If a person handles a fragrant commodity then he or she will smell of that fragrance wherever they go. The more time Joe spent handling petrol the more its fragrance would remain on him, until the people around him would begin to associate him with cars. For those who love the smell of petrol (or cinnamon, for that matter) Joe offers no offence. However, for those who despise the smell of petrol, every time Joe stepped into the room they would cringe. 

Scripture tells us that those who know Jesus as Saviour and spend time in his presence will gain the aroma of the knowledge of Christ. Wherever they go they will spread that fragrance. Out in the world the person emanating the fragrance of Christ becomes a stench in the nostrils of those who do not have the knowledge of Christ. And when people are repelled by the aroma of God they will usually take out their irritations on the person who reminds them of their sin, prompted by the smell of Christ. However, when a worshipper of God is among fellow worshippers his fragrance is the smell of life and a pleasure to others who worship God. You see, the true Believer is the one who spends so much time in the presence of God that he ends up smelling like Jesus. His smell will directly affect those around him. 

So, dear God-tracker, take courage when someone tells you that you’re getting up their nose. To those who love the Lord that you love, you are a pleasant fragrance but in the world your fragrance will be certain to cause offence.    

God-tracking is coming out smelling like Christ 

Every blessing


It’s all in the Book…
Exodus 30:22-30
2 Corinthians 2:14-16
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Verse of the Week

2 Corinthians 2:14
Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.

Quote of the Week
Sample of Dudley’s Fave Quotes

“They can only meet Jesus if someone in whom he dwells goes to them.” --- Brother Andrew


Don’t Give Up, Look Up!
Look up and Fix Your Eyes on Jesus! 

Help me to spend more time in prayer so that I become the aroma of Christ to those who love you and the smell of conviction of sin to those who don’t 

“O Lord, I want to smell like you more and more. Help me to spend more time in prayer so that I become the aroma of Christ to those who love you and the smell of conviction of sin to those who don’t. Because I pray this prayer I know that I will become disliked out in the world. I realise it’s not me they dislike but you in me. Your smell upon my clothes reminds them of sin so I realise they may take their frustrations out on me. Help me to love these people and continue to radiate aroma of Christ. I pray that these people will come to know your smell on me as the fragrance of the knowledge of life. To your glory. Amen.” 

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