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29 May 2015  
Dear God-tracker
God-tracking is allowing God to orchestrate the score of your life
Arranging music involves orchestrating. Dr David Brinkman in his article, How to Orchestrate and Arrange Music writes: “Creating an effective arrangement of music is a craft and it is an art… The artistry is the ability to imagine sounds and to make them come alive.” He teaches his students to consider how a musical piece, which might have been originally written many years previously by the composer, could be changed by their arrangement to reflect their own personal expression of the score. Orchestral arrangement involves utilising an array of wind, string and percussion instruments organised in a way as to appropriately interpret the composer’s meaning of the piece. Arranging an orchestral performance of a single score of Beethoven, for instance, generally requires an orchestra of about 40 instruments. Dr Brinkman points out that arranging music like this involves creating something new from something old.  
I have discovered that, as I track God’s plans for my life, he composes new stories for me to play out upon the strings of my daily living. However, there are also many times that I might find I’ve made a wrong choice or I’m thrust into a situation that seems to be beyond my control. Sometimes, I find myself confronted with a circumstance where it’s obvious that God was not the original composer. Yet, if I continue to acknowledge the Lord in all my ways, my Father will work on every composition of my life (even the ones that he did not compose) turning out new variations and orchestrating every nuance of my every circumstance by his sublime power to suite his plan for me. And in this I take courage. 
Perhaps you’re reading this today thinking, I’m at one of those points in my life, now. Perhaps you look around you today and wonder how you got yourself into such a mess. Well, if that’s you, then repent of any wrongdoing and turn you face back to Jesus, your Conductor. Surrender your circumstances to the great Orchestrator of your life and allow his artistry to imagine new sounds and to combine all the instruments of your life to make them come alive. The Bible says that all things – even those not composed by God – will work together for your good if you faithfully keep your eyes on Jesus and acknowledge God in all your ways. Only your Lord can create something new from something old and turn it into a masterpiece.
God-tracking is allowing God to orchestrate the score of your life

It’s all in the Book…
Proverbs 3:5-6
Hebrews 12:1-2
Romans 8:28-39 
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Don’t Give-up, Look-up!
Look-up and Fix Your Eyes On Jesus! 
…make something new out of something old and turn into a masterpiece for your glory
“Dear Father, I admit that there have been times when I have failed to acknowledge you in my decisions and have allowed things to get out of control. Also, there are times when it seems that circumstances occur in my life that are beyond my control. Dear Lord, I realise that only you can correct my wrong choices and fix all my negative situations. Only you can take the often chaotic score of my life and turn it into a beautiful symphony concert. So, I confess that I acknowledge you today in every area of my life – my relationships, my career, my church, my recreation – and I seek for you to arrange and orchestrate my life according to you plans for me. Dear Lord, make something new out of something old and turn into a masterpiece for your glory. Amen.”
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