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18 December 2015

Dear God-tracker


Jeremiah 1:12
Then the LORD said to me, “You have seen well,
for I am watching over my word to perform it.”

I believe that the Lord interacts with us here on earth through his Spirit and his Word, as found in the Holy Bible. The Spirit activates the Word our lives. The Word, on the other hand, always confirms the actions of the Holy Spirit. They are synonymous: Jesus is the Word and Jesus is the Holy Spirit (God is Trinity: Father Son and Holy Spirit). Therefore, the Holy Spirit is the Word of God. When God speaks through the written Word his Spirit watches over that word to perform it. And God’s Word will always sanction the supernatural actions of the Holy Spirit. God’s Word will never return to him without producing the results he intends it to produce in our lives. So, as I seek the subjective move of the Spirit so I need to seek the objective confirmation of Word of God. Therefore, every subjective word of prophecy or move of the Holy Spirit needs to be checked by Scripture. With this in mind I share the following thought.

These are perilous times. I believe that God will raise every Bible believing Spirit filled true Christ Follower up to be a beacon of hope upon an island of grace in this confused world in which we live. We will begin to hear more reports of more and more miraculous outworking of God, in these last days, in contrast to the deprived politically correct postmodern ethos that we find ourselves subject to in our societies. I believe that the Lord has a word for each subscriber and reader of this e-devotional. But please test these thoughts of the Spirit by the truths of the Word.

As you draw to the end of 2015 I believe the Lord wants to fill you more with more power by his Holy Spirit to minister for him in these days. Get ready to stand true according to the principles, purposes and precedent of God’s Word. A time is coming – perhaps is even upon us – when the contrast between the scruples of man’s culture will be intensely contrasted by the integrity of God’s Word & Spirit. God is ready to demonstrate his sovereignty by his power. Get ready for a personal and corporate move of God. I sense that the Holy Spirit will begin to reveal God’s distinctive holiness and his supremacy over the ways of man through miracles and supernatural signs. So keep your eyes on Jesus and your heart true to his Word as you interact with those around you. Make the most of every opportunity, in these evil days, with grace and wisdom. Lay hands on the sick, preach the Kingdom Gospel and stand true in faith that he who promised is faithful; he will do it! Very soon, I believe, a time is coming when people in the world will cry out for the relief of the painful boils inflicting their souls, because of moral compromise. Only the true Believer will hold the answer to their relief: Jesus and him crucified and risen!

And if you do not yet acknowledge the Lordship of Christ then today is the day to surrender your life to Jesus.

God-tracking is being ready to demonstrate the power and holiness of God to your generation

Keep your eyes on Jesus, always.


It’s all in the Book…John 1:1-4
Jeremiah 1:9-12

Isaiah 55:6-11

1 Thessalonians 5:19-21

Ephesians 5:15-17

Hebrews 10:23-25

This will be the last trACker for 2015.
We wish you and yours a Christ filled CHRISTmas and a New Year filled with God’s purposes!

Don’t Give Up, Look Up!
I seek first your domain and your goodness for 2016 and beyond
 “O holy God, I surrender to your will. Fill me with your Word and fill me with your Spirit. Help me to live according to your purposes in this Godless generation. Help me to make the most of any opportunity to pray for the needy and demonstrate your power in love. Help me to stand true and strong upon your Word and help me to never compromise my moral and spiritual integrity. I seek first your domain and your goodness for 2016 and beyond. All to you glory! Amen.”
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