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GodTracker 615
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03 February 2017

Dear God-tracker


Psalm 72:12
For he will deliver the needy who cry out, the afflicted who have no one to help.

“He bashed my head against the wall and beat me until I passed out,” said Raj as she related her life story with me in a radio interview. “All because I was prevented from going through with an arranged marriage he had planned for me.” Raj had grown up under intense physical and emotional abuse. She had been repeatedly raped since a very early age. Her parents were not Christians but they were very spiritual people, however, the spirits they worship were not of God. One day, in her mother’s prayer room, Raj called on god for help – any god. To her surprise, her prayers were answered. Not until many years later, after being introduced to Jesus, did Raj realise that it was the only True God who had answered her childhood prayer.

“In my mind, I tried calling on all the names of all the gods and gurus I knew, but he continued to strangle me,” said Raj describing how she had been attacked by a man who she had developed a relationship with after fleeing her home at 18. “Then from deep down I remembered the Christian God. I called, ‘Jesus!’ and instantly he released his grip,” she said. “I was stunned. Sadly though, I didn’t give my life to Jesus at that time. My life was still in a mess. I just wanted to die. One day I tried to commit suicide but God prevented me from succeeding. It was then that I realised, Jesus was the only true God. He’d saved my life – more than once. He healed my pain and restored my hope,” said Raj. “I gave him me.”

Raj Holness had had no education about Jesus Christ or the God of Abraham. Her parents were polytheists, yet when she had called out in total despair the Lord our God had answered her. God is no respecter of persons; he doesn’t only hear the cries of Christians. (In fact, if God only listened to Christian believers, I would not be writing these words to you today.) He is caring, impartial and deeply gracious, and saves all who call on is name.

Dear friend, as you read this you, may be able to relate to Raj’s story. You may be suffering rejection or find yourself under emotional attack. Let me encourage you to call on the name of Jesus, in faith. On the other hand, you may not be under such intense abuse, yet may be feeling low and dejected, today. It could be you simply need a new lease on life – a fresh breath of life. God’s Word tells us that faith pleases God and he rewards those who earnestly seek him. So, if you’re weary and burdened, come to him in faith now and he will give your soul rest.

God-tracking is calling on the name of Jesus!

God bless you


Read the story of Raj Holness in her book, The Only Arranged Marriage
The interview with Raj Holness soon to podcast on The Reality

Romans 10:5-13
Hebrews 11:1
Hebrews 11:6
Matthew 11:27-30

Don’t Give Up, Look Up!

Dear Lord, in faith, I give you me
“Dear loving God, I need your help. My life is in a mess. I have been abused and offended many times in the past. I feel dejected and let down. I call on your name, Lord Jesus, save me now! I come to you under this burden, give me rest, O Lord. Take away my pain and give me a fresh breath of life. For my part, I repent of any wrong I have done and I choose to forgive my offenders as you taught me to pray, ‘forgive me my transgressions as I forgive those who transgress against me.’ Dear Lord, in faith, I give you me. Amen.”
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