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20 October 2017


Luke 16:15
And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.
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It was winter in New York when Captain Sullenberger crash landed his wounded Airbus A320 on the Hudson River. The plane had suffered a bird strike, disabling both engines. Sullenberger had no option but to bring the craft down on the freezing waters. Miraculously the plane remained intact. Once down, Sullenberger and his crew evacuated the passengers, most of whom stood on the wings of the craft, awaiting rescue. One hundred and fifty-five people were on board US Airways Flight 1549 that day, including passengers and crew; 155 people survived the crash.

I was watching the 2016 film, Sully for the second time, featuring Tom Hanks staring as the airline pilot Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger. The film portrayed an accurate account of the 15th January 2009 event. Intrigued, I watched as the crew and passengers stood precariously on the wings of the Airbus as it slowly sank in the frigid winter waters. Captain Sully was indeed, heroic in landing the plane securely on the Hudson, but he was not the only hero. One by one, humble civilian ferries and boats pulled alongside the stricken aircraft, rescuing all 155 people from certain drowning.

As I watch I sensed the Holy Spirit of God speak gently into my heart. You and all those who are called by my name, are just like these humble craft; called to rescue the lost! Rescue those who are on the edge of death, though they don’t even realise it. Go!

Jesus gave us a commission: Go therefore and make disciples of all nations. We are compelled to rescue those who are on the precipice of eternal death – compelled by command and compelled by love. We have been commissioned by our Commander in Chief to come alongside and throw out the lifejacket of his Gospel to rescue those who are lost, though they don’t know it. If we delay or just drift about watching them drown their blood will be on our hands. The times are drawing in. Jesus’ return is imminent. We need to do as he has commanded, GO – Get Out!

I wept and as I watched the humble un-trained crews and passengers of those day-to-day ferries rescuing the perishing.

God-tracking is getting out to rescue the drowning

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I pray that you will open the door for me to share my faith with them… before it’s too late

“Dear Lord, I’m sorry for being complacent about the great commission. Forgive me for not making the most of every opportunity to share the Good News of the Gospel. Help my now to be bold and stout-hearted and Get Out (GO) there to rescue the lost. I pray for my friends and loved ones who are on the verge of spiritual disaster and don’t even know it. I pray that they will see the truth and wise up! I pray that you will open the door for me to share my faith with them – to though out the lifejacket of your Word – and rescue them before it’s too late. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.”

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