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GodTracker 646
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22 September 2017

These are a shadow of the things to come, but the substance belongs to Christ.
Colossians 2:17
I would like to begin by thanking you for your faithful support of GodTracker. This e-mail devotional has been running for 14 years. It began as a result of an e-mail received from a listener of a radio show produced by me, Dudley Anderson called, On Track asking for an e-mail version of the content of the show. Thus, began the weekly e-mail we then called, trACker. It was at this time that the Lord gave me the concept of God-tracking. A God tracker is a person intent on seeking and tracking the plans and purposes of God; for the Bible tells us that God knows the plans he has for us. So began the ministry of the weekly e-devotional, GodTracker hosted at

Some years back we began producing a 1-minute radio spot based on GodTracker called, the Sixty-Second GodTracker. This spot has enjoyed air-time on many radio stations around the world. Last year we added the half-hour talk show, The Reality to the programmes of this ministry. The Reality features people from all walks of life who have been impacted by the reality of Christ. The most recent addition to these programmes is a radio segment featuring a full read of the e-devotional GodTracker. (You can listen to the radio programmes of SRM at,

As a cover for this work we are launching Sure Reality Media or SRM. As a non-profit ministry, SRM will oversee the writing and distribution of GodTracker and the production of Christian radio programmes. In addition to radio and print programmes, SRM will also host an annual conference called, The Reality Conference. SRM will be tithing into the work of Boithuto Community Project in Johannesburg, South Africa. We value your support greatly!

We have the potential of broadcasting our radio shows on shortwave radio across central-southern Africa and across Europe and North Africa. There is also the possibility of being listed on a Christian radio ministry that provides programming for hundreds of stations in the US and around the world. These sources will provide a reach to more 600 million people! But we can’t do it alone.
Please pray for this new media ministry. In a media world consumed by so-called, fake news it’s great to know we can offer good news. So please consider becoming an SRM Ministry Partner. It will require about £20,000 to comfortably establish SRM. We value your support greatly!

To become an SRM Ministry Partner, please follow the link,

God-tracking is a joint venture

Jeremiah 29:11Mark 16:15-16

This work is expanding under God's clear mandate!You can be part of what God is doing worldwide through radio and print media.
YOU CAN PARTNER WITH US! Make regular or a one-off contribution to this work...

Please pray for the development of the newly formed Sure Reality Media. 
• Pray for clear direction from the Holy Spirit
• Pray for wisdom and integrity in developing this ministry
• Pray for inspiration to produce

If you want prayer, please email 
What is GodTracker? 
GodTracker is a weekly e-mail devotional based on the premise that God has a plan for our lives. His word calls us to seek his will by acknowledging him in all our ways and tracking this plans in faith. Subscribe by email at

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